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Pocket Spring Assembly Machine

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Zone, parallel or nested assembly
Assembles the prefabricated pocket spring rows with welded in springs into pocket spring interiors of various sizes.
Semi-automatic pocket spring assembler for pocketed type innerspring units
Pocket spring strips are manually placed into the machine
Simple and quick set up
Ease of use and low maintanence

Technical Features

Sping type: Barrel or cylindrical
Spring diameter: 42-70 mm
Spring pocketed height: 100-210 mm
Max. widht: 2000 mm
Cycle time: 10 sec. /Row
Gluing type: Continuous or bead (economic mode)
Controls: PLC Control, frequency inverters and control panel
Spring unit: Parallel or Nested or Zoning
Fabric rolls: Pad Mac. 900 mm – Weight Max. 70 Kg
Holt melt glue tank: Robatech Concept 30 Lit.
Power requeriments: 380 V 3 phases 50 hertz 11 Kw
Air pressure: 6 Bar
Air consumption: 650 lt./min.
Weight: Approx. 1086 Kg including hotmelt unit 30 Litre
Total Area required: 4000 x 3300 mm

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