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These flxibles are formed by coating; the pressed twisted braided wires and specially designed copper connection heads already assembled with on insulated tube. These flexibles can be designed and manufactured upon customer's specific request.

Due to their elasticity, these flexibles do not fracture during often movements and avoid deformation.
Emmitted heat removed by circulating cooling water in connector hose, so temperature of connector eventuate at minimum level.

Application Area;

Expansion joint between transformer and current lines in welding machines
Expansion joint in arc furnaces
Expansion joint in robots
Expansion joint in special machines
Expansion joint in conditions that are subject to continuous current
2-Special Designed Copper and Aluminium Connectors;

These special designed connectors can be designed and manufactured upon customer's specific request.

Application Areas;

In cases that requires a specific joint connection
Technical Features;
Raw Material Used:
Copper / Copper Alloy / Aluminium Rods, Bars or Tubes
Production Method:
Process by CNC, etc...
Coating of Contact Areas:
Silver, tin or nickel upon specific thickness request

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