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Protective Paints And Coatings Structural Steel

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Selection of Protective Paint System According to ISO 12944
ISO 12944
While selecting suitable protective paint system, the following criteria are usually considered;
Selection of proper paint system is essential for effective corrosion protection of steel structures. It is necessary for owners,
inspectors and manufacturers of coating materials to have information about corrosion protection.
ISO 12944 gives adequate information to select appropriate protective paint systems. ISO 12944 is used as a global reliable
guide for the selection of different types of protective paint systems. There are eight different sections covering issues such
as the measurement of the corrosivity of various environments, surface preparation and laboratory testing procedures.
1. Definition of atmospheric-corrosivity categories
The classification of environments to which steel structures are exposed, and the corrosivity of these environments are
defined in ISO 12944-2.
2. Determination of protective paint systems and thicknesses
Different generic type of paints on the basis of their chemical composition and the type of film formation process are given
with examples of various protective paint systems suitable for corrosivitiy categories in ISO12944-5.
3. Laboratory performance test methods
Laboratory test methods that are to be used when the performance of protective paint systems to be assessed are defined
in ISO 12944-6.
KANAT “Basic Paint Trainings” include ISO 12944.
The expected durability is a period during which protective paint system protects its quality until the maintenance painting. ISO
12944-5 indicates three ranges of durability as low, medium and high:
Low (L) : 2-5 years
Medium (M) : 5-15 years
High (H) : more than 15 years

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