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Schroder Health Projects

Schroder Health Projects

Gaziantep Turkey
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Schroder Healthcare Inc. is the leading innovator and manufacturer of medical furniture in Turkey, with a focus on electronic beds, stretchers, delivery beds and medical carts with. With a wide product spectrum consisting of more than 300 products, the company responds to any demand of medical furniture from any segment, with a flexibility to provide caregivers and patients with products between luxury to cost effective ranges and depending on requirements that vary in accordance with the territory. In-house R&D, devotion to feedback and observation combined with responsibilities of market leader role in Turkey, Schroder sets the trend in Turkey for medical furniture with innovations that makes the company a name associated to quality.

Along with domestic market success, Schroder Healthcare Inc., despite brief history of exports, has gained a similar to at-home brand reputation abroad, and has an increasing interest to the brand from respective clients world-wide. Expanding the success to Europe and Northern America with the recently launched low-bed Hospital bed series, stretchers, and Stainless steel products, we have attracted a great deal attention from health professionals.

Dealing with variants of healthcare equipment industry, Schroder Healthcare Inc., constitutes a one-stop solution for turn-key hospital projects around the globe. Providing a vast amount of options to choose from, Schroder Healthcare Inc., understanding demands from patients and caregivers, furnishes hospitals, clinics with products to fulfill local criteria and expectations on an A-Z basis involving hospital furniture.

In addition to its supremacies on a wide range, entitling Schroder Healthcare Inc. with omnipotence, in many areas the company is dealing with, Schroder Healthcare Inc., with the company perception of sales, -that is, sales is a long term business relation, additionally renders it possible to modify products in accordance with client demand, thanks to skillful staff and state-of-the-art machinery.

As a company with the policy of “responding to the patients’ and clients’ expectations with more”, Schroder Healthcare Inc.’s endeavor is to take the extra step for those counting on the brand name Schroder.