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Secondary Jaw Crusher

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UMK 110S Code

Those are ideal crushers to crush materials with high Mohs hardness (stream and basalt). Two jaws (one fixed, one moving) press and crush the material. If the material entering the machine is hard, it does not cause damage due to safety plates crushed under a specific load. Main body is made of plate resistant to voltage and high pressure. Jaws and secondary coatings contacting the material during crushing are made of alloyed cast steel, 16-18% manganese, 1,5% molybdenum. Those are rotor crushers with very high reduction and cubical rate operating with high quality for materials with medium hardness and low silicon rate. Special alloy pallets and crushing plates ensure their use for crushing large rocks. Adjustment and machine maintenance are easily performed by hydraulic system. They are produced in mobile and fixed types as requested.

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