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Seismic Research Vessel

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SNR-SEISMIC is designed to perform 2D/3D seismic researches as well as geophysical, geological, geotechnical, bathymetric, hydrographic, oceanographic and hydroacoustic researches and to realize the research projects of the other disciplines related to earthquakes, general geology, practical geology and environment geology and to do sampling and data collecting about the subject research areas. She has a helicopter platform. She is fitted with 4x4 streamer systems and hull/system infrastructure is ready for 8x8. She is equipped with 1 (one) Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) which can do oceanographic sampling and measuring, diesel electric propulsion system, Class I Dynamic Positioning System, 4 x 2650 kW generators, 2 x 3700 kW azipull thrusters with nozzles and 1 x 1000 kW bow thruster.

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