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Sentor Bridge Tripods - Working at Height

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SENTOR has multifunctional, modular and innovative design. The system is based on simplicity, lightness and robustness as theprinciple of development.

• It is very easy to adapt to different workspaces (such as Rescue, Rope Access, Manhole, Silos etc.)

• SENTOR can be constructed into many different configurations including;- Monopod- Twinpod- Tripod- Quadripod- Quadripod Bridge System

• Tested and certified for the use of 2 people and 300 kg working and rescue load.

• The system has a main head with unique design made from high-alloy aluminum material. Four legs can be attached and detacheddepending on the type of slots on this head.

• The telescopic legs can easily be attached to the head with the help of a pin to achieve the desired structure.

• Telescopic legs have anchor points in their heads. Thanks to these anchoring points, the system can be fixed at different points withthe help of rope.

• The telescopic legs can be fastened and removed with the help of a single pin. If needed during use, the position of the roller canbe quickly mounted on the other legs. The pulley is made of stainless steel material.

• There are two different slots on the pulley. These slots can be operated with rope systems up to Ø 13 mm and steel wire ropessystems with up to 8 mm.

Standard: EN 795:2012 Type B & CEN TS 16415:2013 Type B

Closed Open

Height (H) : 134 cm 275 cm

Length of the Leg (L) : 160 cm 314 cm

Ground Area (1.5 mt Bridge System): 226 x 117 cm 300 x 246 cm

Ground Area (2.0 mt Bridge System): 276 x 117 cm 355 x 246 cm

Ground Area (3.0 mt Bridge System): 326 x 117 cm 455 x 246 cm

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