Sheet Forming and Coating

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Our alloys are used for metal forming and deep drawing of stainless steel. We have different alloys to meet the specific requirement of different applications.
ALBA 360 is used as mold material in the manufacturing of stainless steel pipes and roll forming. ALBA 360 is non magnetic and has very good (low) friction co-efficient. ALBA 360 will help you to achieve superior surface quality and faster production.
ALBA 360 is used as deep drawing molding material in the production of pans, teapots, and sinks
ALBA 360 used in the automotive industry as inserts in deep drawing molds. They reduce cycle time compared to steel molds. Their non-magnetic properties also increase product quality. Depending on the type of steel and the deformation, ALBA 310, ALBA 360, ALBA 390 and ALBADUR bronzes are recommended.
In applications that require bending such as exhaust pipes made from stainless steel or other steels, ALBA180/1, ALBA180/3 and ALBA 280 are recommended for the wiper dies. Use of such alloys both increases product quality and increases equipment life.
Related alloys: ALBA180/1, ALBA180/3, ALBA 280, ALBA 310, ALBA 360, ALBA 390 and ALBADUR

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