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Shell & Tube Salt Water / Sea Water Evaporators

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Shell &Tube evaporators are used for cooling salt water or sea water in Chillers.

ERBAY ECH.D evaporators comprise 36 types with 1 or 2 cooling circuits, having capacities varying from 9,0 kW to 876,8 kW. The suitable refrigerants are all HFCs and HCFCs. Removable tube bundles provide an easy maintenance and cleaning possibility.

High quality materials used in the manufacture of ERBAY ECH.D type evaporators meet the requirements of European Pressured Equipment Directives. Pipes providing heat transfer are made of copper-nickel; header, flange, body, tubesheet, baffles, refrigerant and salt water/sea water connections are made of carbon steel; bolts are made of steel alloys and gaskets are asbestos free or neoprene. Tubesheet and baffles can be made of stainless steel (CrNi) material on request.

Safety requirements are provided by following the European Directives in design, manufacture, controls and documentation.

Salt water/sea water inlet and outlet connections, salt water/sea water and air discharge branchs are available on all manufactured evaporators. Besides, auxiliary connections are left for operation and freezing control. It is possible to make welded, flanged and threaded connection to salt water/sea water inlet and outlet pipes. Salt water/sea water inlet and outlet connections can be on the top or sides.

Leakage test is made under 30 bar for refrigerant side and 10 bar for salt water/sea water side.

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