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Six Side Sawn Aluminium Cast Plate “Aludur”

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ALT5083 Code

Aluminium cast blocks sawn plate product is produced by an excellent flatness stability. By adopting and extended thermal heat treatment the material becomes homogenized and thermally stress relieved.
Offered in a extraordinary range of sizes, which are readily available along with superior mechanical and physical properties which add to further major advantages of using alt 5083.
We provide our services to the below mentioned sectors through our Brand Name Aludur 5083 alloy cast plate. The dimensions that we can produce started from min 8 mm thickness, max 1750 mm width and max 3810 mm length. We can also cut in any dimension with our machines at high precision tolerances.
Main Fields Of Application
• Aircraft Industry Processing Plate
• Base Plates, Slide Plates and Indexing Tables
• Automotive Industry Processing Plate
• CNC Routing Tables
• Robotics
• Checking Fixtures, Gauges and Templates
• Dielectrics
• Electronics
• Food Machinery Parts
• Vacuum Chucks
• Heating and Cooling Platens
• Medical Instrumentation
• Packaging Machinery and Moulds
• Plastic Components Manufacturing
• Printing Machinery

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