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Smoked Jumbo Shrimp

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The product originated from Argentina is preferred. It is processed in compliance with the EU regulations by providing the calibration and drain weight consistency. The different package gammages are available.

Latin Name
Pleoticus Muelleri


Packing Weight
200 g / 500 g

Cooked And Peeled Jumbo Shrimp (%40), Sunflower Oil, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke


Food Safety and Conservation Conditions
Conservation Condition: It had been produced in compliance with Turkish Food Codex. Conserve at +2°C to +4°C without damaging its original package. It is a ready-to-eat product. Consume cool. Consume in 7 days by storing the refrigerator environment after its package is opened. The allergen products such as the fishes, shells and cephalopods are processed in our plant.”

Shelf Life
150 Day

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