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Spring Clamp and Standard Brake

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• 3Nm – 1600 Nm Torque range at 11 different size
• Standard 24VDC or 205VDC operation voltage
• Quick and easy application with using applicable motor cover
• With the advantage of cold braking circuit, more efficient
• H Class temperature class (+185°) celcius
• IP65 housing for outdoor applications
• Inspection of brake lining pitting with using microswitch to prevent operation error
• With using stainless steel accersory, it is able to operate between -40° to +185° celcius
• With the advantage of gap adjustment, working gap can be adjusted against to brake disk abrasion
• With the advantage of torque adjustment screw, without assembly torque can be readjust
• Asbestos-Free and conditioned brake disk
• Ready to assemble encoder with specially designed assembly holes
• Low noise, secure theatre and scene brakes
• With remote control function, capable to use at auto turn doors and load elevators

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