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Subsystem Interface Unit Cabinet (Siuc)

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SIUC is a 19'' rugged cabinet engineered to support subsystem integration onboard the ships. SIUC is a new modular and flexible concept from YALTES designed for marine applications. SIUC ensures that housed equipments are protected from the severe environmental conditions onboard.

SIUC with its modular design technique, enables;

* Easy access to connection points and connectors,
* Front access to enclosed LRU's for easy maintenance and repair,
* Stable and rugged mechanical structure against mass shock and vibration,
* Enhanced anti-heating and anti-condensing capability,
* HMI functionality to manipulate system and the SIUC working functional parameters,
* Ergonomic design to comply with MIL-STD 1472F.
SIUC is delivered with a modular connector plate to match the various system interface requirements as well as the obligations of the Military Standards.

SIUCs can be tailored and delivered in various heights due to space and mounting requirements. Standard height available is 25U.

SIUCs can also be used as common support modules to house cabinet enclosures to drive multi combat consoles in Operation Centers.

* MIL - STD - 810F (Environmental conditions)
- Temprature
- Humidity
- Shock
* MIL - STD - 1472 (ergonomic)
* MIL - STD - 461E (EMI/EMC)
* MIL - STD - 167 - 1 (Vibration)
* MIL - STD - 1474D (Noise)
* MIL - STD - 108E (Rain, drip proof)

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