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Test Panel For Railway Produsts (VOLTAGE SUPPLY)

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This test panel provides the source of supply required to test the units such as static converters used for railway vehicles (such as long-distance line trains, suburban, subway or tramway), auxiliary convertor, battery chargers, HVAC systems during production stage.

Power: 100KW
Input Voltages: 3×380 sinusoidal 50Hz
Output Voltages: (all voltages defined in UIC)

DC AC @ 50Hz – Mono phase AC @ 16.67Hz – Mono phase

1000V 1000V 1000V
1500V 1500V 3000V

Functional Properties
Full automatic control
Full automatic start up via HMI
Test control of equipment without energy
Manual or automatic test capability
To see the informations of voltage and current for all input / output
To see the working status information from external panel through power supply
To change the output voltage of power supply between +30% and – 25% for nominal output
To start up through directly mains electricity (the output voltage can not be set at this mode) or to start up through power supply

Warnings / Alarms
Audio and visual warning at the time of operating
Supply is active
Output is active
Over Current
Over Voltage
Temporary Over Current
High Voltage
Low Voltage
Operation Levels
Mechanical Drawings

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