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Towable Belt Conveyor

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TBC 7500 Code


The chassis is produced by steel profiles. The tow-bar is provided by a fifth wheel system mounted to the chassis for easy steering and a brake system that is applied when tow-bar is upright and released position.


The conveyor boom provides adequate number of rollers to support the belt and safe conveyance of load. The belt forward/reverse movements are provided by hydraulic motor and the height and angle adjustment are provided by hydraulic cylinders. The conveyor boom provides foldable handrail.


The hydraulic system is provided by an oil tank, a pump driven by an engine, cylinders, hydro-motor, hydraulic valves and some other useful accessories. Emergency hand pump is also used in case of engine failure.


The belt conveyor is custom painted.


The electrical system is powered by a standard battery of 12 V DC. The electrical system is provided by headlamp and the all accessories are controlled from a control panel.


9000 mm belt length, electrical emergency pump, diesel engine, hydro-static propelling system powered by hydraulic motor, forklift pockets, custom painting, logo application.