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Umit Makina Mattress Production Machinery

Umit Makina Mattress Production Machinery

İstanbul Turkey
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As a family owned business for over 30 years, Umit Makina plays an integral part within bedding industry. From its first year in operation up to present day, Umit Makina remains a proud contributor to the local and national economy. The founder Ergin Umit has been in business now over 50 years and going strong with his dedicated team as the determination and dedication to excellence has been instrumental to his success as a business owner.Our goal is to produce only the finest and the most reliable products available on the market. Umit Makina has been in the business of improving mattress machinery production for over 30 years and has remained at the forefront of mattress machinery innovation and is well prepared to meet the challenges of the new millennium.Our machines are setting the highest standards of quality, efficiency and productivity in bedding industry. Quality, innovation, efficiency and productivity are required to sell the product. This product must also have the support of the manufacturer which is an another area where Umit Makina excels. Our technical service department’s primary aim is to ensure machines are properly installed and provide in depth training for operators in the area of maintenance and smooth operation. Additionally, they are also available to provide technical support and advice on machinery upgrades and modifications.Umit Makina has been manufacturing variety types of equipment used in mattress production since 1988. From our base in Istanbul, we produce extremely reliable products of the highest quality at reasonable price. In addition to these features, providing technical support and service by our highly trained team ensures total customer satisfaction.From our 10.000 m2 headquarter and manufacturing plant in Istanbul, we continuously strive to upgrade our facilities and maintain the reputation of producing the finest bedding equipment for industry worldwide. Our vast inventory for spare parts produced in our facilities are in most cases available and ready to be shipped within 48 hours frame. This commitment to service has led to long standing relationships with our respective customers.Throughout the years, Umit Makina has remained at the forefront of its field, continuously investing in its core operation and updating its technical abilities. All the valuable experience and knowledge we have gained over the past decades will Access your company to mattress production market at competitive prices for today and tomorrow. We will extend our innovations in bedding industry with bonnell spring transfer machine, continuous type panel quilting machine, mattress roll pack machine and further pocket spring machinery in addition to our existing product range.

Our cnc milling and lathe centers are programmed by CAD/CAM software. This ensures that all parts will be made to the same exacting standards each time. Our highly skilled enterprise resource planning system for broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that help us to manage the important parts of our business, including product planning for delivery of our products and spare parts on a timely basis, maintaning inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service and tracking all type of orders. This is the way we can ensure the quality control you demand.