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VIMAMEC %0.2 - Oral Powder / Veterinary Medicated Premix Endectocide 1 Kg.

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Each gram of Vimamec 0.2% Oral Powder/Vip contains 2 mg Emamectin benzoate and it is a white-cream colored, homogenous, powder with fine particulates for oral use.

Pharmacological properties
Emamectin is a synthetic derivative of ivermectin. It has a 16-member lactone ring and a dioleandrosyl group attached to it. It has been prepared in the form of Benzoate salt which is a stable molecule. It is absorbed from the digestive system and absorbed into the body of the fish when given to the fish in the feed, and from here it is absorbed into the tissues of the lice. Studies showed that ivermectins competitively bind to the glutamate-mediated chlorides channels in the nerve fibers of invertebrates. The distribution of glutamate-chloride channels in invertebrates is localized to specific muscles such as pharyngeal pump. By blocking the closure of these channels in the parasite, it increases the permeability of the cell membrane to chloride ions, resulting in hyperpolarization in the cell and paralyses of the nerve impulse transmission causing to death of the parasite. Emamectin benzoate is absorbed slowly, but widely distributes to the tissues. It is slowly excreted from the body by feces.

Vimamec 0.2% Oral powder Nip is used in the treatment of parasitic infestations caused by all developmental stages of parasitic infestations of sea lice (Lepeopthheirus Salmonis, caligus sp.) in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss).

Method and dose of administration
Unless recommended otherwise by the Veterinary surgeon, Vimamec 0.2% is used orally for treatment of fish by mixing the feed with veterinary medicated premix. The pharmacological dose is 50 µg/kg/day and it is administered for 7 days. The practical dose of 1 g Vimamec treats 0.2%, 40 kg live weight. The recommended number of treatments should not exceed 5 treatments with a maximum of 3 in the 12 months throughout the life cycle. Preparation of Medicated Feed: previously weighed amount of Vimamec %0.2 is added into mixer or feed mixer (clean, dry and sensitive), and while the mixing procedure continues 1% oil (fish oil or soybean oil) is sprayed. After 5 minutes of mixing, the homogenous mixture of medicated feed is ready to be used. Fish should be left starved for 12-24 hours before initiating treatment. The feed ratio may vary depending on the temperature of water and the size of the fish. Medicated feed should be prepared fresh daily.

Feeding rate (%) The amount of Emamectin benzoate (mg) that should be present in 1 kg feed mixed with VIMAMEC 0.2% Oral Powder/Vip The amount of VIMAMEC 0.2% Oral Powder/Vip (kg) that should be present in 1 ton of feed The amount of feed mixed with VIMAMEC 0.2% Oral Powder/Vip (kg) that should be given daily to 1,000 kg fish
4.0 20.0
1.25 10.0
0.625 2.5
Withdrawal Time: withdrawal time is zero (0) day for sea fish, 372 °C/day for trout. It should be applied for a maximum of once to avoid exceeding EMEA MRL values, within 60 days before harvest for sea fish and within 100 days before harvest for trout.

It should not be used in adult fish grown as breeder. During this period, bath treatment is recommended due to inappetence.

Specific clinical information and special warnings for target species:
In order to prevent the formation of resistance at lice, using VIMACEC 0.2% Oral Powder NIP is recommended to use in accordance with the following control program:
The administration must continue for 7 full days at the correct dose rates. Medicated feed should be determined according to feed ratio and care should be taken to distribute the mixture homogeneously. Medicated feed should be given to all fish at the same time. In order to prevent the spread of infection, farmers in the region should perform the drug administrations in a coordinated way.
After feeding, the behavior of fish should be monitored. If any condition that leads to inappetence is present, the medication should not be used.
Management practices at the breeding sites should be "single age group, all in / all out system and follow-up of production cycles".
It should be used alternately or together with other therapeutic drugs or natural substances.
The lice count should be done, and development stages should be observed in order to observe the intensity and effectiveness of the control measures of lice infestation. For this reason, at least 5 fish that are present in the apart 20% sections of each farm should be counted on a regular basis every week during the summer and once in 2 weeks in the winter.

Presented in 1-2.5-5-10 kg plastic containers and in 20 kg double coated Kraft bags.

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