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Velox PBT High Stretch Yarn

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Velox PBT yarn takes full advantage of the special properties of polybutylene terephthalate
(PBT) fibre. The Characteristics of this yarn make it perfect for manufacturing highly comfortable
garments. Freedom of motion and total comfort are the features users appreciate most since they
want to feel protected but not constricted. With this new yarn it is possible to produce garments
capable of maintaining a comfortable micro climate around the body.
The fibre is elastic, soft and Resistant and takes dye well, even when blended with
other types of fibres. Colour fastness is guaranteed for all types of usages, especially wet fastness,
perspiration fastness, and decolouration resistance.
This elastic non-elastomeric yarn has high extensibility and excellent elastic recovery. It acquires these
characteristics as a result of a bulking process that is three-dimensional, not only linear as it happens
for ordinary elastic yarn.