Very Flexible Self Levelling Polyurea Mastic Sealant

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MS 991 is a Polyurea base sealant that is solvent-free and do not include any material that evaporates. It has 2 components with ratio of 3:1. It is use for filling joints, dilatation points or cracks on concrete. It has a drying time of 10 mints and 1100% elasticity.

Product Advantages
100 % solvent free and does not contain hazardous components.
Due to its flexibility it does not change, crack or deteriorate under ambient conditions.
It has rapid curing time.
It is use for filling joints on drainage system, rain channels of tunnels or bridges. It provides better characteristics: resistance to thermal shock, absorption of force loads and resistance to high temperature (hot asphalt) compare to other sealants.
It has excellent primer properties when applied to concrete surface
Provide abrasion resistant against solvents, diluted acids and base.
Provide resistant against fuel and solution at airports.
It is UV resistant. The surface color may change but the chemical structure remains the same.
Good resistance to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
It spreads nicely and fills all the holes on the surface.
Use of machine is recommended. With the use of appropriate machine curing time can be adjusted and application in large areas is more efficient.
It shows high resistance to hot joint points.

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