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Vessel for Mixer Machine and Stocking Silo

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Vessels and stocking silos which are designed as low and high capacity are used for manufacturing with the mixer, transferring the product which is mixed from some place to another, stocking finished product and raw material. The low capacity mixer vessels that have the wheel at the bottom and high capacity mixer vessels are designed in a manner to be placed over the platform or ascended over its wheels.

(A) type vessels with the wheels at the bottom are preferred up to 2000 liters. For the capacity over 2000 liters, (B) type swaged, fixed wheeled, placed on the surface or hanged to the platform is preferred. The output coupling is placed at the point in which the vessel’s bottom and side wall are integrated for wheeled type. The put coupling is placed at the centre of bottom swage for the types placed on pods or platforms. There are draw arms to be able to run the vessel in the side walls of wheeled vessels.

The capacity of vessel is manufactured from 1 liter to 10.000 liters for being used in manufacturing process, from 5.000 liters to 20.000 liters for being used in stocking process. It is also used in any preferred capacity for the silos of raw materials. It is possible to choose materials for the vessels which are currently made of stainless-steel at the standard of AISI 304 in accordance with the chemical structure of the product.

Carbon steel qualified as St37 or stainless steel qualified as AISI 316 may be used as manufacturing material. The design of the vessel may vary according to the manufacturing process. The vessels may be made as double-walled for being used as cooler and heater. Special valves may be placed over the outlet coupling of the vessel. The vessel may be manufactures in a manner holding the vacuum. The wheels of the vessel may be made of different material.

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