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W1 –W3 W55 Window And Door Series

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It is a window and door series, the insulation feature of which is improved by 14,8 mm polyamide heat barrier, where all kinds of window and door opening variations can be solved and accord is provided for all kinds of accessories by its detail of Euro section 1 port. It is a privileged system where all dries and anodised colours can be applied by its architectural aesthetics. Frame of our W55 insulated window and door series is in the depth of 55 mm, and as variation, W1 (in the thickness of 1.6 mm) and W3 (in the thickness of 2 mm). Our series relieves the operators of the costs regarding stock, manufacturing as well as waste material and provides with maximum profit by means of their improved design and using the same seal rings and accessories, strips, adapters, corner block profiles in line with our all joinery series.

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