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W7 – W8 W75 Insulated Window And Door Series

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W75 series is developed for the areas which require a high level of heat insulation and have a cold climate. It is a window and door series satisfying all kinds of door and window opening variations, technically complying with all accessory types thanks to the detail of euro Section 1 channel and having a reinforced insulation feature owing to 34 mm polyamide heat barrier used. In case of need, the level of the heat and sound insulation can be increased. It is a privileged system with its architectural aesthetics allowing the application of all paints and eloxal colours. Our W75 insulated window and door series has 75 mm deepness as a body and has the variations of W7 (at the thickness of 1.6 mm) and W8 (at the thickness of 2 mm). Thanks to the substantial design aspects, our series provides maximum advantages to operators in terms of stock, production and unused material cost as the same washers and accessories, beads, adapters and corner block profiles are used commonly in compliance with all our joinery series.

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