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Zenix Darkening Shampoo Black

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ZENIX DARKENING HAIR SHAMPOO Due to the special formulation without ammonia your white hair is covered and your hair gets a natural look. The waiting time and the color result depend on the density of your white hair and the current hair color.
The disposable packages No. 01 and 02 are simultaneously opened and mixed in a suitable container. Start with the application where gray hair is particularly dense. Distribute the rest on the remaining hair and finish the application.
Massage your hair lightly until the cream is spread evenly on your hair.
In the case of starting gray hair (up to 10% of the hair), the waiting time is 5 minutes, and for dense gray hair (up to 50%) it is 10 minutes.
After the waiting period, rinse your hair with lukewarm water until the rinsing water flows clear. If you have long hair, you can use 2 to 3 packs at a time. If necessary, use hair cream.
Make sure your hair is dry and clean before use. Use the gloves in the package. Before application, test the product for allergies by applying a small amount to the inside of the elbow.