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Zenix Hair Relaxer Cream

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Put on handgloves. Open the 100 ml Hair Relaxant Cream No:01 and pour it into a plastic vessel. Apply the product on dry hair strand by strand, using a brush, as if you were applying hair dye and comb the strands using a comb. Leave at least 1 cm distance to the scalp. Repeat the application until all your hair becomes straight. Decide how much of the product you want to apply, depending on how straight you want your hair to be and taking into consideration how curly your hair actually is. Apply the product only to newly grown parts, if you have had your hair straightened before. Set the time. The time needed for the application should be added to the total time. Apply the relaxing mixture only to newly grown parts, beginning from the point closer to the root and proceeding to the tip. Avoid applying the relaxer to hair which already have been straightened before. Applying the relaxer to hair which has been straightened before may lead to hair splitting.