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Zet Kneader Machine

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Zet kneader machines are widely used for the mixture of compounds of low viscosity to very dense viscosity, adhesive bades products and adhesives and rubbers. Among the examples for areas of use are Hotmelt adhesives, rubber, BMC and SMC paste based and glass fiber reinforced products, brake and clutch pad production industries.

Two Z mixing palettes with horizontal mixing systems revolve within the boiler at different revs and a homogeneous mixture is obtained. By means of the special form of the mixing palettes, it provides a much more effective mixture in comparison to Z-type mixers which lasts less. Internal walls of the mixing boilers are completely stainless steel and they are features supplied as standard with the use of the European origin impermeability components used in the bearings. Z type palettes are designed to operate in both ways.

Two product discharge systems are offered for the Zet kneader machine. Provided that the mixing boiler is the Constant, by means of the endless screw which operate at the bottom of the boiler, the product is pumped outside the boiler. This screw, by operating in dual directions, it is also useful to the mixture during the mixing process. Another product discharge system is the boiler revolving system. The boiler revolves at an angle of 110º and the product inside it is poured outside and so is the product discharged.

The options offered to be used at the laboratory stages are at 600 milliliters, 3 and 5 liter volumes, and at the Manufacturing stage, 50, 100, 300, 600, 1.000 and 2.000 liter volume options are offered.

ATX Zone, EEx dIIB T4 standard ex-proof, vacuum, semi or full prescription control system, PLS control systems is provided as an optional feature, with boiler side wall heating and cooling functions with the stainless steel mixing palettes which provide Cause the mixing palettes and endless crew and mixing palettes revolution speeds being adjustable and also supplied with Jet Filter as an optional feature.

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